Make the world your child’s playground with Smartivity Globe Trotters STEAM Educational Construction toy kit. Smartivity’s unique Globe Trotters STEAM Educational Construction toy allows your child to build their own globe and learn about the planet Earth through unique interactions and games. Smartivity Globe Trotters include a build-It-Yourself Globe with a Mechanical Rotator Mechanism, Latitude - Longitude spinners, and 2 dice (Mode of Transport, Number Of Moves), as well as a FREE, Augmented Reality app for the blended learning experience. Once constructed, the globe transforms into a spherical gameboard and your child can play single/multiplayer games: Race Around The World - where your child can use the dice to race from the start point to endpoint on the globe. Treasure Hunt - where your child has to visit the most number of continents by claiming 2 points on each continent, as they move their pegs around the globe Day-Night Game - Learn how the planet earth experiences Day and Night as it rotates around its axis. The Latitude and Longitude spinners at the base of the Globe Trotters globe serve as a dice-rolling mechanism that assigns starting point and finishes point for children to play a game of Race Around The World. The different mission-oriented gameplays encourage your child to learn about the resources, flora, and fauna as well as the heritage of different countries in the world. Your child can also use the notches in the counters to map ancient and modern trade routes. Each kit includes Smartivity’s world-class Instruction Manual with easy-to-understand, richly illustrated, colour-coded, one-step-per-page, step-by-step instructions to build this cool construction toy. Smartivity Globe Trotters also incorporates cutting-edge Blended Learning methodology with its unique Augmented Reality functionality. The accompanying FREE Globe Trotters AR app contains information about every country on the planet and allows your child to explore and learn about geography, cultures, and Fun Facts of over 190 countries, animals, and monuments. All your child has to do is scan their globe with the FREE Augmented Reality app.

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