Ever since NWA came Straight Outta Compton wearing dark sunglasses and even darker scowls, the city is known as the "CPT" has been seen as an exporter of all things violent, poor, and well, ruthless. Even though he was born one year before that album and right in the middle of the Compton chaos, Top Dawg Entertainment/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records recording artist Kendrick Lamar knows that he was "in it," but he didnt become "of it." After releasing several popular singles in 2009 Lamar became a lot of peoples favorite rapper almost overnight. ]Over the next year, Kendricks profile would continue to rise as he performed in cities and festivals all over the country. He would also receive co-signs from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and a coveted spot on XXLs 2011 Freshmen cover. By the time he released his highly anticipated debut album Section.80 in July 2011, he was already being crowned as the voice of a new generation 24 years after NWA planted the Compton flag in Hip Hop, its only right that another native son comes along and adjust the attitude they left behind.

Brand: ruthless. Even though he was born one year before

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