Crate and Vinyl Pack, the best way to start your very own Vinyl Collection! Director Quentin Tarantino has a knack for picking superb backing tracks for his films, and the soundtrack to his bold debut, Reservoir Dogs, is no exception. Nestled between Steven Wrights sad-sack song announcements is the discs opening tune, the George Baker Selections "Little Green Bag," a shuffling groove with a faux-tropical melody line thats hard to shake, followed by Blue Swedes candy-coated pop gem "Hooked on a Feeling," with its unmistakable hooga-chakka intro. Crosley Record Storage Crate Go crate-digging through your own collection with Crosley’s rustic wooden record crate. Fire-branded with the iconic Crosley logo this lightweight crate gives plenty of room to fill it with precious LPs. Product Features Integrated Carry Handles, Holds approximately 75 albums & Finished In Solid Wood

Brand: the George Baker Selections ""Little Green Bag

SKU: UM-60254767041-B